Utilizing Computer Recycling In Atlanta

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Technology in today's world is advancing like never before in history. It seems like new computers, phones, and other electronic devices are being updated so often that it is nearly impossible to keep up with the latest edition. This causes a high turnover rate of electronics, especially computers. But what do you do with your old computer once you have purchased a new one. You can try to sell it, but odds are that not many people who will want an outdated computer. To answer this need, many electronics stores offer recycling programs for your electronics. I live in Atlanta and computer recycling services have seemed to pop up all over the place. I myself recently purchased a new laptop and wasn't able to sell my old one. I found an electronics store that offers computer recycling in Atlanta, and was even able to receive a small amount of credit to use at the store. Not only does this offer a great solution for me, it is much better for the environment than simply throwing computers in the trash. Many materials and parts can be used for newer models, and those that can't are able to be disposed of properly.


6 June 2013

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Hi, my name is David Dotson and the purpose of this blog is to educate others about the manufacturing process. For as long as I can remember, I've always been amazed by how different things are made. It fascinates me to think about the process of taking raw materials and turning them into something useful during fabrication. When I have spare time, I can be found reading about various types of manufacturing and industrial plants to learn how they operate. I wanted to write a blog about my findings so that others could also learn how raw goods are transformed every day into useable products.