Reasons To Use Sheet Metal For Fabricating

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Sheet metal is a great material for manufacturing. It is superior to molded plastic or other forms of metal fabrication for many reasons.

Cost Saving

The primary benefit of using sheet metal is the cost savings in both production costs and long-term maintenance. During production, costs using sheet metal are lower because the blanks used during pressing are the same. They only need to be created once and can then be used repeatedly. The more instances of each item that are made, the lower the cost per unit during the production run.

Durable and Easier to Clean

In the long term, sheet metal is more durable and is easier to clean. Almost any cleaner or solvent can be used when cleaning medical equipment made of sheet metal, as opposed to plastic, where many solvents can damage the surface. Additionally, sheet metal units are formed of large pieces that are welded together. These welds make sanitation easy, as there is no need for a deep clean to scrub out cracks or crevices. This ease of cleaning provides many ways for cost savings over the life of the product.

Easier to Alter

Sheet metal is also easier to redo if a design change is needed. Changes are done to the manufacturing program which adjusts the rollers and cutters in the press. Using a cast for metal or plastic requires a complete revamp of the mold if a design change is warranted. Additionally, folded sheet metal can be unfolded with little loss to the structural integrity of the unit. Changes are much easier to do on the fly as well. If a small design change is needed, such as the inclusion of a hole in the rear of the cabinet for electrical cords, this is easily done. Changing a plastic mold requires that the mold be recast, which delays production. This also increases production costs for a molded unit versus a sheet metal design.

Wider Range of Options to Consider

Sheet metal comes in many types, ranging from galvanized materials that are suitable for use in corrosive saltwater environments to stainless steels used in medical bays. Additionally, sheet metal is easily finished with a powder coat to change its appearance without affecting its durability. Powder coats are extremely resistant to abrasion, corrosion, and chemicals. Depending on the use of the medical equipment, one of several types of powder can be used.

With all of these benefits, it is no wonder sheet metal is the ideal material for fabricating. Check out the site for more information on fabrication.


8 April 2016

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