Using An Index Machine To Create A Custom Fish Tank

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Watching fish swim around can be both relaxing and therapeutic. Investing in the construction of a custom fish tank is a great way to introduce fish into your corporate environment. Working with acrylic can be challenging, but access to an index machine allows you to customize the look of your fish tank.

Here are three simple ways that you can use an index machine during the fabrication of your custom fish tank in the future.

1. Use the index machine to cut acrylic panels.

An index machine has the ability to quickly and efficiently cut through thick acrylic. This means that you can program an index machine with your fish tank's exact specifications, then let the machine cut out the acrylic panels that will be used to make the sides of your tank.

Since an index machine takes care of the fabrication without requiring any manual labor, it's easy to create a fish tank with a unique size or shape.

2. Use the index machine to etch acrylic panels.

Creating a backdrop for your fish used to require the addition of an adhesive sheet to the rear acrylic tank panel. If you want to achieve a more modern aesthetic, you can rely on an index machine to etch a design into the rear panel instead.

The index machine can be programmed to cut through only a thin layer of the acrylic. This leaves a design etched into the panel, allowing you to make your tank more decorative without compromising its structural integrity.

3. Use the index machine to cut a custom insert.

You can get creative with the design of your fish tank by adding custom inserts. If you are hoping to put your tank in a corporate setting, including your company's logo inside the tank can be a great marketing tactic.

An index machine can be programmed with your company's logo design. The machine will then use this program to cut your company's logo design from a piece of solid acrylic. You can put the acrylic logo into your fish tank without worrying about harming any of the fish inside.

Being able to rely on an index machine while you are fabricating your custom fish tank is beneficial. An index machine gives you the ability to accurately cut acrylic panels, etch designs into the acrylic panels, and cut a custom acrylic insert to place into your finished tank once it's on display. For more information, contact companies like Hales Machine Tool Inc.


27 February 2017

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