Keeping Pool Tile Looking Great


If you are a homeowner that has a pool, then you want to make sure you keep your pool clean and looking great year round. This can take some work beyond your normal cleaning. One of the areas you want to make sure you check on a regular basis is the decorative tile around the surface of the water. If you aren't diligent with its upkeep, then the tile can get a thick buildup of calcium on it. This buildup can become very thick and ruin the overall look of the pool. You can learn how to properly care for the tile around your pool by reading this article.

Make sure to brush the tile each time you brush the pool

One of the things some people do wrong is they focus on brushing the bottom and sides of the pool, but they don't bring the brush up far enough to clean off the tile. This can allow the calcium to build up to become thicker and thicker until it is finally obvious. Once it gets to this point, you will have to put more work into the tile because you will have to get the buildup off, which requires more elbow grease.

Use a pumice stone to clean the tile while you are in the pool

It's a good habit to get into taking a pumice stone in the pool with you every once in a while. Look at the tile and use the stone to remove any little areas of buildup you find along the way. One area of the tile where you can notice the most buildup occurring is right along the areas where the tiles meet one another. You can use the pumice stone to remove the buildup by hand and simply splash water on the tile to wash it away.

Use a tile cleaner

If you find that you have let the tile go a bit too long that now removing it with just a pumice stone is too much work, you can also use a tile cleaner and some clean rags to remove the buildup by hand. Read the instructions on the tile cleaner you choose to use because some of them should be left on the tile for a certain amount of time.

Use an air compressor for stubborn buildup

If you have let the tile go for so long that you now have a bigger mess to deal with than you can take care of by hand, then you may need to turn to your air compressor for help. You can use small glass beads purchased from a pool care supply store and the air compressor to blast away all of that buildup and reclaim your great looking pool tile. Contact an equipment rental company or visit websites like for more information on how an air compressor can be used to clean a pool.


31 March 2017

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