Pallet Storage Tips To Remember

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no matter the industry you're serving, if you are the owner of a warehouse, you know firsthand just how important of a role pallets play. From protecting your merchandise to making transport easier, having pallets on hand makes your operation practices more efficient. Are you protecting your pallets? Simple storage mistakes can cause your pallets to fail prematurely, impacting your productivity and ultimately your profits. Make certain you're on the right path.

Don't Stack Too High

If you're short on floor space, it seems that the more logical way to store your pallets would be to stack them as high as you could. Sounds good in theory, but the result is often significant damage to your pallets—in particular, the pallets at the base of the stack.

Each time you place pallets on top of each other, remember that you are still putting weight on the pallet. If the weight of the stacked pallets exceeds the weight limit of the supporting pallet, you will likely cause damage. Always keep weight in mind, and remember that it's better to have multiple smaller stacks than one big stack that's causing damage.

Avoid Storing Pallets Sideways

When storing your pallets, make certain you are storing them horizontally. You never want to store your pallets vertically, or on their side. This method of storage isn't a good idea for several reasons. First, it represents a real safety hazard, as the pallets can easily topple over and fall to the ground.

Secondly, pallets are not designed to support weight on their sides. If you're stacking pallets on top of each other in this position, this will cause damage. Make sure you're storing them the correct way.

Invest In A Shelving System

One of the best ways to both store your pallets and protect the inventory you place on the pallets is to invest in a shelving system. Pallet shelving systems are metal structures that are specifically designed to accommodate pallets, allowing them to serve as somewhat of a shelf.

Not only do these systems keep the pallets off the floor, but they also provide support to the pallet, helping balance the weight of whatever load has been placed on top of it, which can also help extend its lifespan. Pallets can also be placed on the system when they are empty to simply ensure you have a safe and secure storage area.

Remember that protecting your equipment and material is a critical step. Do everything you can to work towards this goal in your warehouse for the best outcome in both the short and long term.  


3 April 2017

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