Four Things You Can Do With Old Copper Tubes

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Copper tubes are used by industrial companies for a number of applications. The most important of these is the conduction of electricity and the flow of water. Because copper can conduct electrical current easily, and because water can never corrode copper, it makes this metal ideal for use in industry.

Yet, what happens when copper tubes are no longer needed? Maybe the industrial plant shut down, or maybe they moved and did not take the copper tubes with them. Whatever the reason, you now have copper tubes in your possession. Here are some things you can do with them:

1. Cut Them into Rings

If the copper tubes do not have an exceptionally large diameter (i.e., greater than an inch and a half), you can use a metal cutting tool to cut the tubes into rings. Copper rings, as are any copper jewelry, are ideal for people who cannot wear other metals. The shiny, pinkish hue of the metal is also quite attractive. Before you do anything else with the rings you cut, be sure to smooth the edges thoroughly, or roll and hammer the edges, so that they do not cut the fingers of anyone who receives your copper jewelry.

2. Hammer the Tubes Flat to Make Thick Panels

You could also hammer the tubes flat. This turns them into flat panels that you can use either as backsplashes behind sinks, or for other metal art. Copper is a very malleable material, which will yield to the strikes of a heavy hammer.

3. Create a Tesla Generator for a Science Experiment

If you really want to impress others with the box of copper tubes you have, create a Tesla generator for the school science fair (or for science class). You may need a few other parts, but a Tesla generator really gets people's attention. They cannot help but be drawn to the energy ball it creates, with its little lightening bolts swirling round and round the top of the machine.

4. Replace All Other Non-Electrical Tubing in a Car with Copper Tubing

Imagine how "tricked out" a car would look with shiny copper tubes in place of the chrome, aluminum, etc., that a car has now. You could replace every metal tube on a car that is not an electrical conduction tube and is not part of the steel support frame. That is a car that would really get some attention!

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1 November 2017

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