Hear Rattling Noises In Your Machine? Check These Components First

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Do you have a shop with many machines, and one of the machines is making a rattling or banging noise? If you don't have a full-time machine mechanic on staff, there are a few things you can look at on your own to see if they are causing the noises. If these things aren't doing it, then you may need professional help. To start, inspect the following. 

Clean Filters

If there is an air filter in the machine and it's clogged or dirty, this could be causing a rattling noise in the machine. Any debris that is getting pushed around in the fan can make a noise, and this debris may be going between the filter and the fan. Have the filter changed. Then, you want to have the entire machine cleaned out with an air compressor. 

Check the JC Fittings 

The JC fittings are what connect the pipes together throughout the machine. If they have become loose from the movement of the machine is running, they may need to be tightened or replaced. If they have been exposed to moisture, the fittings may have corrosion and may need to be replaced. Check all the fittings before you order to make sure you have enough, and order some more, so you have extras. 

Tighten All Components 

You want to go through and tighten all the nuts, bolts, and fittings throughout the machine to see if you can detect where the noise is coming from. If you tighten all of the components and the rattling still persists, you need to call a machine mechanic to come in and look at it. If there are parts that are hard to get to, or you are worried about safety, wait for professional assistance. 

If you haven't been maintaining your machines like you should throughout the year, then you want to have all of the machines inspected. Make sure that they aren't low on fluids, that the filters and inside compartments of the machines are clean, and that everything is functioning as it needs to be. You don't want to keep running a machine that is making a banging noise because you could end up doing more damage than there already is. Turn the machine off, so you can inspect it on your own, and then if you can't find the proper solution, call in the professionals, so you can restore the value of your machine.

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28 February 2018

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