Are You Ready To Part With Your Old Clunker?

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Were you lucky enough to have a car so reliable that you passed it from one of your kids to the next one, and then the next one, and so on? Maybe it would be passed down when the older sibling would go off to college or would buy himself or herself a better car? Isn't it uncanny how some cars will just keep on giving, even when they are obviously past their prime years? Perhaps that car still sits on your property, even though all of your children are gone and are on their own.

Are you ready to part with your old clunker of a car? Perhaps there's an emotional attachment, as it more than likely represents your children's growing up years, from when they got their driver's license to when they moved on. If you've come to terms that you can say goodbye to your old friend, from donating the car to charity to selling it to somebody, here are some thoughts that might help you.

Donating Your Car - More than likely you've seen public service announcements that focus on collecting old cars with the purpose of donating them to charity. Does that appeal to you? Perhaps a Veteran's Association or a cause to help the homeless would put your car to really good use. Another idea is to donate your car to your local Scout organization so that it could be used when Scouts are earning their Automotive Badge. Is your community having an auction to raise money for a worthy cause? Consider donating your car so that it can be part of the auction. 

Selling Your Car - The last time you drove the old clunker car did you come to the realization that it simply wasn't going to last for much longer? Consider selling it as a junk car. Perhaps it can be used by somebody who is rebuilding an older model car, and parts of your clunker car could be used in the project. The great part about selling a junk car is that the buyer will more than likely be happy to have it towed from your property and delivered to its destination. You get some cash, your property looks nicer now that the old car is gone, and you might even have a tax write off. 

Surely you've taken pictures of your old car over the years, haven't you? If not, consider doing that before you part with it. You might even want to frame the best picture to go in your family room. After all, it carries many memories, doesn't it? For more information on how to sell junk cars, contact your local professionals. 


24 June 2018

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