Moving And Have A Lot Of Paper Items And Electrical Wiring? 2 Ways To Store Them To Prevent Damage

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If you are moving to a new location and have a lot of paper and electrical wiring to move, you likely have worried about getting your things stored and moved so that there is no damage to them. If so, below are two types of storage you can use so you can get through your move without any problems. This is especially helpful if you have a commercial company as if your things are damaged this may result in a lot of lost money.

Film Cores

Film cores are used to store paper, electrical wiring, and more. The paper cores are made of a strong cardboard and are available in cylinders or tubes. Some film cores are made of a less durable cardboard for things like thin paper products.

The product to be stored is wound around the film core to prevent it from tearing, crinkling, or knotting. This is especially beneficial for electrical wiring as it is very easy for this wiring to get knotted up.

The company that provides the film cores can also use laminates and adhesives to give the core much more strength. Laminates and adhesive also provide water and heat resistance. You can find film cores in a variety of lengths, thicknesses, and diameters.

Using film cores can also save you a lot of space, because if you had to put these things into something like a box this will take up much more room in storage.

Storage Tubes

You can also choose storage tubes for your items. With this the items are rolled and place inside the tube instead of wrapping around the outside. There are tubes generally made of an acid free cardboard to help prevent damage to paper items. Once the items are inside the tube a type of barrier material is wrapped around the tube to provide more protection.

Storage tubes are generally not very expensive, and you may even be able to find them free. You do have to pay extra for barrier material, however, if you choose to use this around the tubes.

The electrical wiring is rolled and then secured with a type of tie to hold the wiring together before it is placed inside the tube. This will make things much easier for you when the wiring gets to your new location.

Talk with a supplier that sells film cores, as well as a storage company that sells or offers free storage tubes. This can help you decide what would work best for the items you are putting in storage.


26 November 2018

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