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If you reside in a metropolitan area that is peppered with commercial buildings, residences, and various landmarks, you have probably witnessed a lot of graffiti while you were driving through town. Graffiti is unattractive and can downplay the prestige of a business or public venue. If you recently purchased a small shop downtown, protect your new entity by cleaning the outside of the building, applying fresh paint, and adding an anti-graffiti covering. 

Graffiti Affects Everyone, But Would Be Your Financial Responsibility

Imagine the shock of arriving at your business to see that someone sprayed some filthy comments across your building's facade. Not only will this be demeaning and embarrassing, but it could also have an impact on other businesses in the area. People tend to shy away from places that look dirty and neglected and obscenities that are painted on the outside of a building would give prospective clients every right to shy away from the premises.

If graffiti became an issue, you would have the responsibility of removing the amateur 'artwork' from your building. When graffiti is sprayed across standard paint, it is very difficult to remove the spray paint and this could wind up costing a lot if you need to hire a professional cleaning crew.

Some Products Need To Be Purchased Prior To Completing The Job

Since you want to give your new business a 'spic and span' appearance, purchase a commercial cleanser, a pressure washer, deck brushes, and handheld brushes. Think about the color of the building. If you are pleased with it, then purchase the same color of paint so that you can freshen up the exterior.

If you would like to go a different route with the exterior's appearance, then choose a bold color of paint or one that is neutral and that will blend in with the other commercial buildings in the district. Your last purchase is the most important one. You need to select a paint sealant that contains fluorinated resins or polymers.

This type of sealant will not allow fresh paint to bond to the surface. It will, however, protect the paint that you are going to be applying so that you don't need to worry about touching up the building's exterior for some time.

If graffiti does 'magically' appear on your building, you can simply remove the ugly scrawlings and words by rinsing your building off with water. That is all the work that you will need to do to ensure that you never become a victim of defacement to your establishment. 

For more information about anti-graffiti paints and coatings, reach out to a local paint manufacturer.


16 January 2019

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